• Image of Storage Pouf Cover Pre-Order

The Bums and Beans Storage Pouf Cover is the perfect answer to all of your storage problems. Wondering where to put your extra bed pillows, blankets, and plethora of stuffed animals? Here is your answer. This stylish 20x12x20 rectangle pouf can fit a multitude of those items taking up space in your cabinets. The best part is your clutter can be stored inside and used as a portable ottoman or extra seating in your nursery, living room, play space, or as a bed for your pet. The button closure is hidden in the bottom seam making it easy to pull things out when you need them. The cotton ducking fabric is Machine Washable and extremely durable.

This is a Pre-Order Listing. Due to the size and nature of this item these are not sold as Ready to Ship. Turn around time will be 2-4 weeks once I pick-up the fabric. Covers are scheduled to ship the week of February 16th. All orders are sent USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate to ensure tracking and insurance are included. Once shipped you should receive them within 2-4 business days.

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