I was recently asked why the name Bums & Beans? I'm sure for most of us the Bums part is pretty obvious so I will save you from what is sure to be a horrible explanation on my part. The Beans piece may be a bit more complex. When my husband and I started dating he would refer to my brain or head as my 'bean'. I remember thinking how silly that was when we were first going out. Recently, while I was brainstorming shop name ideas I overheard him tell my daughter "watch out for your bean". She is known for using her head and heals to scoot across the floor so I immediately knew she was headed for a bean collision with the couch or the coffee table in our living room. I digress...

Like a lot of Mama Bear shop owners, after my daughter was born I wanted to focus on making items that she would wear or use during the ever changing stages of development. Options that didn't always include pink and purple (don't worry we will still offer a little of each) that could allow her to have her own style and teach her to make a statement. When I decided to start with head wraps I knew I had to use 'beans' as a reference to the heads of all those littles out there that one day might be wearing one of my creations. 

As a true maker, I won't limit the shop to one item. At least not in this next year. I'm truly enjoying the opportunity to challenge and grow in my skills which means good things for all of you because every month I will have a "limited edition" item that I will make and offer for you to gift to the little ones you have in your life. The last week of each month I will post what the next month's item of choice will be so please stay tuned and follow us daily @bumsandbeans on Instagram. 

I appreciate you visiting our store and hope you will help us grow and share us with your friends and family. You can follow us daily on Instagram @bumsandbeans for updates, pre-orders, sneak peaks, and giveaways.  If you have a special request for a custom order or wish to partner on a giveaway please email us at bumsandbeans@gmail.com or send a Direct Message on Instagram (this will probably be your fastest response). We would love to meet other shop owners that are looking to expand their product base and support the "maker" spirit so please don't be shy. Even if you make a similar product I'm a believer that their is room for all of us in the world so reach out, say "hi", and never be afraid to ask. 

Thank you in advance for choosing Bums & Beans. I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity to share my art and stay at home with my little lady. 


Amanda Perez-Morris


Bums & Beans